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Incorporated in 1956 by Leonard and Monica Teyssier, along with our sister company, Teyssier & Teyssier, Inc., (founded in 1950), Atomic’s early years involved many notable large construction and development projects in the San Diego area, as well as other areas of California and Nevada.

Some of the most notable projects constructed include the Ocean Beach Fishing Pier (at the time the longest concrete pier in the world), Le Rondelet apartment building in Point Loma, the glass elevator at the El Cortez Hotel (the world’s first glass elevator), and some of the original buildings at General Atomics. Each of these projects presented unique challenges and solutions that exemplified our continued expertise and creativity. These attributes have carried forward to our existing operations.


Atomic focuses on both acquisition and management of various property types.  As we continue to manage the properties that the company has either constructed or purchased over the years, we enjoy working closely with our tenants, brokers and vendors on a daily basis. Atomic remains a family owned business providing personalized, in-house, management to our clients.